Thursday, September 20, 2007


I stumbled across this picture of a painting the other day and was instantly taken by it. It encompasses how I have been feeling these past few weeks on so many levels (could also be blamed on the hormones). I find myself back at work and quickly in the sludge of things. Days blur into one another and weeks blend into months and still I feel lost. Lost in what my true purpose is and to what has become of the destiny I thought the world held for me. Yes I know this is starting to sound like a pity party for me, suck it up princess.... right? But sometimes it feels good to wallow in that which is negative, at least for a short while anyway. As the woman in this picture looks out into the vast emptiness of the world, it reminds me of how alone I often feel. Left naked to ponder, what I perceive, as life's injustices. Remnants of the past are scattered, but still there and visible, like constant reminders of removed affirmations. Soon she will rise, dress and walk away from it all. Jump back into the blur of life and silently pulling down the blind to cover the empty window.


jes said...

you are so deep!

JCR said...

Damn, that is deep. But I totally get it. It's really quite an amazing post.