Saturday, July 07, 2007

is there an end in sight???

This is the face I see all too often. It is the face of "NO!". He can use it quite well AND uses it very often. Sometimes, even with a smile. This is the "NO" I dislike the most. His smug little face, with his eyes all full of the glint of mischief, defiantly saying no to whatever it may be I am asking him to do. This is all new to me and truly driving me insane. Drake was such a good toddler. He was polite and compliant..what happened to this spawn of my womb? Obviously this is a defect of my husband's seed as I could not have any part in this stubborn little being. (No comments from you Jes!!!) But, just as quickly as he turns into demon boy, he switches back to a loving little cherub. I have seriously considered he is bipolar or maybe even has a multiple personality disorder. Can this be diagnosed at such an early age? Guess I will go back to blaming it on John. That is more fun to do anyway :)

PS: This face also describes how i am feeling about my triathlon tomorrow. If I cry and scream "NO!" will that make it all go away??

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jes said...

He is so like my Abby. What a pair they will make :)