Sunday, July 15, 2007

rocket boys

Up, up and away! John is back from Mexico (good bye bed) and got roped in to some over due Daddy time. Drake wanted to launch one of the rockets he got for his birthday. The box said it would go 1000+ ft, we were sceptical. They added all the finishing touches and decided to launch it from the back yard (against my advice). It took off and indeed launched well above were we could see it. After a minute or so we were able to spot the red parachute as it began it's descent towards Earth. Unfortunately as it did, a big gust of wind carried it to the next street over. It is now proudly on display in our friends' tree. Hopefully another gust of wind will knock it down so we can launch it again. But luckily it was a rocket 2 pack... Excellent!! The next one is supposed to go 1800ft. If I get my way we won't be launching that one from our backyard - aahh!

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