Monday, July 02, 2007

betty goes out

I had the luxury of going out last night. Oh yes, on a Sunday night! I did not have my typical Sunday game so that left all this extra time in my Sunday schedule. I even got to wear the new outfit I scored while on an impromptu shopping trip the other day. I spotted the shorts that were very reminiscent of my skater/punk days. Definitely needed to have them to bring back my inner Betty. Throw in a matching cami and I was good to go! So off to Summerfest we went. While talking to a guy, trying to find out where he got his shirt, I was complimented on my little ensemble. J He then proceeded to tell me that he thought I must be naughty because I had my tongue pierced and I am the age that I am. Compliment, I questioned? He assured me it was and then preceded to ask me if his new glasses made him look “too gay”. (his words not mine) Being the sucker that I am for glasses, I said I thought they were very cool. His friends then insisted that I was kissing up because he complimented me…hmph! I personally think a compliment from a gay man is one of the best you can get. John just sat there laughing and shaking his head. He didn’t like the shirt because of the color but I am determined to find him one. Hopefully it comes in a different color, or maybe I will just buy it for myself!


jes said...

Oh to be able to wear a cami out in public how I wish! With your red hair I think you did look hot and John might have been laughing on the outside, but inside he was jealous!

irishkat said...

Thanks! It was quite the pick me up after the horrible few days I had been having. And girl... you can sport a cami!