Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the specs

Here they are... the new specs. I wanted a nice picture while Drake wanted me to post a silly picture. So I compromised and posted both. Feel free to comment as you will not hurt my feelings either way. The pictures do not show the red that is in the glasses, sorry!

On another note, my two year old is refusing to eat anything but Fruit Loops today. He has almost consumed more then half a box. I guess he could be eating things that are much worse. On a good note... they are packed full of vitamins and minerals or at least that is what the box says. I just fear what will be visiting me later today and tomorrow when I am changing diapers!


jes said...

Fruit Loops or old dried up worms? I think I'd stick with the fruit loops.

As for the specs us girls think he looks goooood! Older, but still good :)

JCR said...

Wow, what great glasses!!