Thursday, July 12, 2007

oy ve

D -"MOM!! Grady's eating dirt from the plant!"
K -"What!?"
D -"He's eating the plant or the dirt, I can't tell."
K- "Grady, stop eating the plant!"
G -No Momma...look! I feeeed pant!" (said with big cheesy grin)
He did in fact feed the plant. Yes, he fed the plant Frosted Flakes. Obviously my lack of green thumb has made my plants look as if they are in need of a good meal. Guess it is even worse that my two year old noticed. Wonder what he would offer Nicole Ritchie?


jes said...

What a good helper! And to think Abby just spilled the water I gave her to drink all over the floor while she "watered the plant too"

Kristin said...

Hey I just have to say that i need chocolate, coffee and sleep as well. Great blog.