Friday, November 23, 2007

more seven year old ramblings

Drake: Mom! I just ate six servings of the seven layered Jello!
Me: Hmmm, how about some of that turkey?
D: Ok. (takes a few bites then sighs) Mom, my tummy hurts. Can I be full now?
M: Do you mean can you be done now?
D: No I mean can I be full now. I don't think I could eat another bite
M: So when dessert come out you won't have any room?
D: No. that is why I need to stop I have room for dessert later.
M: (chuckling) Sure you can be full now.

I cannot deny that he is from my loins...I too always save room for dessert.

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jes said...

I swear he is my daughter in a male form. She does the exact same thing.