Thursday, November 29, 2007

mental health

Since the hubby decided to take a new job, he was forced to burn his vacation days. He convinced me I needed a mental health day so off to Chicago we went. I love going to Chicago during the Christmas season to walk around, see all the lights and of course, the window displays. I am not a big one for shopping down there but some of the stores are fun to browse through. In full Chicago style the temperature was 25 degrees with 10 - 15 mile an hour winds. Quite nippy to say the least!! It made the warm cup of coffee even more delightful. Despite the cold, which I actually enjoyed, we had a really nice time. We met up with his uncle, who works downtown, for lunch at a quaint corner chop house. We also discovered, or stumbled across, the first and only Kohler store in the world. I am so wanting a new bathroom or kitchen sink now!! We saw the Field's windows on State Street, the super-sized Christmas tree and walked up and down Michigan Avenue. Because it was a weekday we also got shafted for parking. Can you believe they charge $24 to park for two hours?? Geez, I am definitely in the wrong occupation. But we made it in and out of the city with little trouble and little traffic so I guess that makes it a great day!


jes said...

What new job? I'm glad you had a good time downtown. Parking is such a rip-off! I am hoping to get there in the next few weeks to see the windows too.

JCR said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I were back already. And yes, we definitely have to meet up the next time I am in town!