Monday, November 19, 2007

yes, i survived

Well, I have survived my weekend of hostessing and entertaining. And quite frankly, I am exhausted. Preparing a meal for ten guests took less work then I thought but trying to plan for various appetites did cause me moments of anxiety. The most difficult part of the weekend was trying to keep the house in some sort of order as the two year old was buzzing around in his typical tornado-like state, leaving a trail of debris in his wake. Thankfully our guests enjoyed his energy and he enjoyed our guests. We had quite the array…. a couple from Britain, a gentleman from Canada and another that has lived in various places such as Afghanistan and Sweden but is currently residing in California. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, especially my “better then sex cake” and fellowship. I am looking forward to my short workweek and of course Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is even better because I am not responsible for cooking in any way shape or form. We are in charge of bringing the beer this year…glorious! I think I can handle that task (what Irish girl couldn’t??) Maybe a full belly and weekend of rest will spark my writing juices or maybe I will delve into my old journals and such to find writings of the past. But for now I am on the hunt for java….


The Grocer said...

I think you need to share the recipe!

jes said...

All this on your birthday weekend? What a trooper you are!