Monday, November 26, 2007

who needs furniture?

Why sit on the comfy couch snuggled in a blanket when you can sit on top of your cozy coupe? I have been pondering this thought the past few days as Grady has taken to watching television from the top of his car. This can't be comfortable, at least it does not look comfortable. And don't even get me started on all the possible injuries that could be inflicted should he accidentally slide or make a singular wrong move in any given direction. I have begun to slowly tick off the days till we are frantically rushing to the ER for stitches, or even worse.... a cast. (shudder) Of course, the more I ask him to please get down from the car the more he wants to perch up there. I guess this is a battle I will have to choose not to fight, at least for now. Maybe he will soon realize the comforts that await him if he chooses one of the couches..... or not!


jes said...

At least he is in one place right? :)

The Grocer said...

Let him learn about risk/consequence, he can't do any serious injury from up there. Alternatively get a great big cushion and let him jump, he'll love it.

JCR said...

I love how the clothes match the car. :)