Sunday, November 04, 2007

very crabby....beware

I am reeling from the effects of daylight savings time. Some little monkey thought it was a grand idea to wake up at 4:15am. Now, without daylight savings it would have been 5:15, still an ugly time to get up on a lazy Sunday. But when the word "MOMMY!" began to be bellowed at 4:15, I was instantly a very crabby girl. I guess I should also be honest and say that part of the pain of that early wake up call was also my fault. I had been to a surprise birthday party last night and was thoroughly enjoying the kegs of Spotted Cow. I guess I can also blame the yahoo that brought the beer bong from his college days for amping up the "level" of the party. Many of my neighbors have hidden bong talents that I was never aware of...maybe that was a good thing. No worries though, I am not a bong type of girl! But I did justify staying out later then normal with the prospect of gaining an hour of sleep. I obviously did not share that memo with my two year old. But the early wake up was greeted with the smells of freshly brewed coffee in my new coffee maker, an early birthday present to me. While that took the initial edge off of my needed attitude adjustment, I am still looking forward to a nice afternoon nap. Especially since I have a late soccer game tonight...don't even get me started about that!

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Vikki said...

As a parent of early risers, I feel your pain.