Thursday, November 22, 2007

bet you can't say you have done this

A little background to help you further understand the following dialog between my father and myself. My father is the director of development for the Washoe tribe in Nevada. He is one of the few "white men" to work for them and has worked hard to be accepted by the people of the tribe. After a brief discussion, including all the pleasantries and such, we had the following conversation:

Kat: So Dad, how is work going?
Dad: Really well and I have been really busy. Want to know what I did yesterday?
K: Sure
D: Well I went to one of the ranches to check how many of the cows were pregnant.
K: You what?!?
D: I got to check if the cows were pregnant.
K: Really?? And how might I ask did you do that? Or don't I want to know....
D: The doctor and I did it together. I led the cows into the stable and put their heads in a contraption that would hold them still and the doctor did the rest

Side note - I did delve further into the whole process since my curiosity was peaked, but I will not share all the details of testing a cows fertility with you in this forum. Very interesting and definitely not a job on my top ten list.

D: Then I watched as he and one of the cowboys castrated a colt who was too frisky.
K: Too frisky huh? I think I have a lot of boys in my house that are too frisky. I wonder…..
D: (laughing) Now, now. You don’t mean that.

Guess my job just could not match up to that on most given days and on this day of Thanksgiving I am quite happy with that!

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