Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i am off the wagon

This is the time of year I love and dread most. I love it because it begins the season of food, I hate it because it begins the season of food. From October 31st till just after January 1st our house is filled with treats, sweets and other things that are not nice to one's waist line. My work place is also infiltrated with things I have no will power to say no to. Now, one would think, as a grown adult, that I would be able to self monitor and not indulged myself on every little sweet that cropped it's pretty little head up in my direction. But I am weak...oh so very weak. I even admit to searching out treats in times of desperation and sugar withdrawal. And if I walk by the counter at work, the one with the beautiful tray of frosted brownies, I hear their pleas. They NEED me to eat them. (Yes I hear them talking and it is what they are truly saying) Even with my current "over the summer" weight loss of the last child's baby fat and the fact that I am fitting back into my old clothes I am still enticed by the wrappers and smells. So off the wagon I have leapt, face first into my son's Halloween bowl. Maybe I can use the left over duct tape from Grady's diaper debacle to stall gluttoness behavior? But I am suddenly having visions of the heavy mustache it may leave behind....scary!

But for fun and giggles this Halloween I have included the in-depth analysis of me answering 5 questions on blogthings. Spooky!!

You Are a Haunted House

You are a deeply complicated and sometimes deeply disturbed person.
You can't help but be attracted to the dark side of life - even when it's pretty gruesome.
In relationships, you are honest and real. So real that it's definitely a little scary.
You don't fake it or play along just to get along. And people either respect this... or deeply resent it

Your life is thoughtful, deep, and even philosophical at times.
You see the world as it is. You don't sugar coat anything.
Facing and fighting your fears is important to you. You believe that too much of life is whitewashed.
You're not too morbid... you just believe that you can't enjoy life without exorcising a few demons first!

At your best, you are brave, intense, and fearless.
Not only do you face the abyss head on - you challenge your friends to do the same.
At your worst, you are depressed and morose.
If you're not careful, your thoughts take over your mind... and they aren't pretty!

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JCR said...

Good luck! This time of year is hard for me, too. Even now as my trip to Chicago is approaching, all I can think about is all the good food I will be eating. Not a good time of year to lose baby weight!!