Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the many reason i was late to work today

1. After dressing the two year old in a new little fall ensemble, he decided to take that moment in time to have a diaper blow out. Oh yes, it was a good one. Out the sides, out the bottom, it was everywhere…and I was already running a little bit late. Begin frantically searching for another fall outfit.

2. At that moment my seven year old bellows from upstairs, “Mom!? Did you pack the cookies for the Dragon Dash??” CRAP!! I forgot I signed up to bake for the annual PTO fundraiser. After checking his assignment notebook I then remembered why I signed up and cursed at myself for forgetting. I initially signed up because I knew I had off on Columbus Day, yesterday, and would have time to complete my maternal duties. Yeah well that was before I scheduled two doctors appointments and ran a gazillion errands in between. I proceeded to quick turn on the oven and pop some pre-made cookies on a tray.

3. THEN serious head trauma occurred. While coming down the stairs after brushing his teeth, the two year old takes a header into the wooden banister base, which leaves a lovely hole and imprint. Screams, tears and possibilities of a concussion ring in my ears. The imprint, though still there, quickly begins to swell and turn a rather nice shade of eggplant. I quickly slap, or shall I say gently place, an ice pack and pray his teacher does not call DCFS.

4. Finally everyone is off to their place of education, including me. Until the department of transportation decided to close 2 of the 3 lanes of 94 into Illinois. HELLO! It is rush hour and there are no lanes open. Did I mention I am late?? By now I am an hour late and don’t quite care at this point. What are they going to do… fire me? Yeah, we know that doesn’t happen where I work. Oooops! Did I just say that?

Hopefully my trek home is a lot less involved.


jes said...

You so better hope Jim doesn't read this :) Hope Grady's head is better. Also I am impressed that you had "fake" cookies in the fridge. Bridget would have been out of luck.

JCR said...

Yikes!! Hope you had a better day today. :)

The Grocer said...

Your first sentence reminded me of the joys of nappies to come, thanks.