Monday, October 08, 2007

heinous hygenist

I just had my routine dental check up with the hygienist from hell. Obviously I have wronged her in another life and she was taking out her vendetta against my innocent teeth and gums. I got the "You need to take out your tongue ring" lecture (again) and then the "You REALLY need to floss EVERY day" lecture. I am sure she did not appreciate my rolling of the eyes after she repeated told me all the detrimental things that could happen if I kept in my piercing. I know all my teeth can fall out, I know it can get infected, I know someday my tongue could fall off, but I like it and I am keeping it. She was not impressed with my answer and tried to have the dentist gang up on me as well. Much to her dismay I replaced my barbell before leaving but after much blood shed and pain in my oral cavity. I pride myself on taking extra good care of my teeth and do not quite fully comprehend how she found so much plaque and such when I have never had problems in the past. Then, she had the audacity to rinse my mouth after brushing and cleaning with warm water. While some might find it nice, I do not. I had visions; none of them good, of what the warm liquid may or may not be. It was just the wrong temperature. I prefer a cool rinse, not a piss warm one. Ok, enough bickering for now. I am off to sooth my gums with a cool vanilla bean coffee. I am sure it will cure all that ails me today!!

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jes said...

Funny, I too hear many of those same comments. Well, not the ones about the tongue hole, but flossing. I still can't get into flossing. Hope the rest of your day went well.