Monday, October 01, 2007

no sleep for this lassie

Yesterday my husband was kind enough to go and pick out more cold medicine so we could both get a good night sleep. Our house has been infested with germs and we keep recycling the same cold/germs amongst ourselves. So we are basically both huge snotty messes. Throw in some coughing and hacking and a few good sneezes here and there and you will have the perfect picture of our sick selves. As I was brushing my teeth my husband was also nice enough to open the two Tylenol pills for me. I was exhausted from a long weekend of grunt work and a very physical and exciting soccer game. I drearily took the pills, popped them in my mouth and chased them down with a shot of water. As I climbed into bed I was almost asleep upon hitting the pillow. A few minutes of pre-sleep chatting and I was off to dream land. Until... 15 minutes later when all of a sudden I was jolted wide-awake. I felt fine and I was WIDE-awake.... why?? Oh well now let me tell you. I was wide-awake because my loving husband purchased extra long lasting, non-drowsy day formula of Tylenol cold. He might as well have slipped me an upper because there was not one ounce of drowsiness in my body. He on the other hand, was fast asleep. His years of dabbling must have made him immune to the speed like effects of the Tylenol. Not to worry!! Every once in a while I would give him a good jab or shove to remind him that I was WIDE awake while he lay there sleeping like a newborn babe. I am hoping my continued coffee buzz will get me through another soccer game tonight in the cold damp weather...yuck! We do get to play under the lights which is a bonus and reminiscent of days of old. Pretty fitting since I would often play games back then without much sleep too.

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jes said...

Oh I would have to kill my husband for this. I;m sorry you are not feeling well. hope you sleep tonight!