Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the trip

Ok, for now you will have to read about the trip without pictures. I keep meaning to download the pictures but the sickly child is being a bit demanding AND extremely whiney. If we had taken the "good" camera I would be able to download the pictures at work on my lap top. But.... we did not. We took the older, gently used camera so that if any unforeseen trauma or catastrophe occurred, the new expensive camera would be safe. That and the hubby thought no one in their right mind would want to steal the "old" camera. The problem is that the only place I can download pictures is on our PC which is currently inhabiting the spare bedroom that the older son has partially moved into. So, I can't get in there when I have time because that is when everyone is already tucked in and Drake is asleep! So here is a quick synopsis minus pictures:

It was fabulous!!! The weather was warm and sunny everyday. The beach was the most beautiful I had ever seen or sunk my toes into. The resort was nice though I thought the beds had little to be desired. The staff was very nice but did not speak much English but they also poured their drinks with a heavy hand (the Irish las really liked that). Our excursion into the country side was AMAZING!!

Ironically the first weekend we were in this island paradise was Oktoberfest. It was quite hilarious to see Dominican men dressed up in true German garb, complete with suspenders and pointy hats and the women in German themed dresses. Even better was to watch them try to do the traditional German dances. It was fun to hear "Roll Out the Barrel", in both English and Spanish, while laying on the beach and my husband's new favorite German/ polka song "You Are Too Ugly For Me". Their attempt at German food was scary though. I had never seen a white, like chalk, sausage and questioned exactly what is was made from. Neither of us was brave enough to try the sauerkraut casserole.

I enjoyed the quiet and reading three great books. Hubby's neck is still sore from going to the beach everyday. "Can you see my eyes through my sunglasses?" was a daily question. We even went so far as to rate the women who decided to go topless and laughed at the VERY apparent Americans trying to live like the natives. I decided to keep the girls covered for fear of severe sunburn and to not look like the American that I am. I had thought I had seen it all until our last day when a 50+ year old man stepped on to the beach in a Speedo thong.....wow. Was not expecting that. Even scarier was that he was with his family comprised of older children. I don't think I need to point out that he was not in stellar shape and that his belly covered much of the front of the suit.

I will try and download tonight so I can share some of the sights. Truly is a beautiful country and I would recommend it to everyone. And for now I am back in the Midwest with a swift reality check to the behind. I hate that!

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