Thursday, October 11, 2007

infliction continues

Intestinal infliction still continues and is now being shared with other family members. Will not elaborate with details, don't worry. I will silently suffer in my world of malodorous funk and diaper piles. Have begun to fervently pray infliction does not attack the maternal figure as we are only one week away from our holiday. Jes, bet you are so happy there was no play date Monday aren't ya?!?


JCR said...

On no!! I totally feel your pain. It's so hard to keep everyone from getting sick. I will keep my fingers crossed that you stay healthy for your trip!

jes said...

just think if you too get this you will loose a little more weight and look super hot in your string bikini :) See I'm all about the positives. And yes, I am very glad we did not play and get your germs.