Friday, October 05, 2007

more ramblings of a seven year old

The scene: We are trying to all get in the car to go and get ice cream as a special treat, John's idea. He shared with Grady that we are getting ice cream, wouldn't that be fun? Grady only heard "ice cream" and became hysterical at the fact John was trying to put him in his car seat...he wanted to eat ice cream right then and right there. He did not want to voyage neither near or far, he wanted his ice cream NOW!!! I sat in the front seat, made a big sigh and shook my head at the sight of the car seat battle that was ensuing.
Drake - Mom, aren't you glad Grady wasn't a fourthlet?
Me - A what??
D - A fourthlet, you know like if you had four of him.....twins, triplets, fourthlets....four of him.
M - (Stifling hysteric laughter) Yes, I am VERY glad Grady is not a quadruplet. One is more then enough.
D - It's not fourthlet?
M - No honey, if you have four babies they are called quadruplets.
D - Hmmmm....yeah one IS enough (as he covers his ears)

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