Sunday, October 14, 2007

four days till holiday...

...but I am not counting by any means. I was startled awake this morning, before the crack of dawn, by the sounds of, "MOMMA!! I am hungry!" 5:00am is an ungodly hour, especially since I was up until midnight partaking in the girlish task of scrapbooking. Grady was most difficult to persuade back to some sort of rest/ sleep as I was refusing to get up and out of bed. After an hour and a half of laying on me, jabbing and flopping around, he was done. We were up, coffee brewing, greeting the new day. I by the way, was greeting it with an edge of crabbiness and overall disgruntledness. I gazed over to my mounding desk and realized that I had to start cleaning before "the mother" arrived in four days. As my previous post hints too, there is much anxiety with the arrival of my mother figure. For reasons beyond explanation (and gigabyte space) this brings me much stress and feelings of emotional unrest. So the cleaning frenzy began and took me through most of the day. I even skipped my soccer game!! It was pouring rain all day, my favorite way to play, but I did not want to risk any sort of sickness that may inflict itself on me before my holiday. So the house is almost sparkling, a few touch ups before her plane touches down, and we will be all good.

On a completely different note, Drake had the game of his life yesterday against the Jaguars. He decided to branch out Saturday and play defense as well as offense. Obviously this is where he is meant to be. He sacked the quarterback and caused four fumbles! Very bummed I had to miss it but got the play by play via text messaging and cell phone. Can you believe there is so much action in a tackle football game for kids four feet tall? Ok, I am now off of my bragging box, yet again. But it is so hard not to comment on the excitement of it all!!

Off to have words with the never ending pile of laundry. Till next time.

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jes said...

Way to go Drake!!! Good for you on the cleaning too. I also tackled that never ending pile on my dining room table. I also did the srt area since the mess was now over 2 tables and the floor. Felt good to have it all under control for a day at least.