Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a little sadness

Now this is going to sound pathetic to some but I am still a bit traumatized by this occurrence. Today, while getting ready for work, I saw the glint of something shiny in my mirror as I was finishing my hair. Upon further examination the glint was found to be......my first grey hair. Now I know this is normal and that there is no reason to despair, but it is my first and sadly I am sure, not my last. Please do not think that I am vain or high maintenance in any way. Those who know me will agree I am not about what people think or stereotypes and such. I am who I am and wear what I wear. But this foreign hair atop my head is a sign that yes, the clock is moving forward and my body is starting to show it. Women in my family do not turn totally grey until a very old age (my grandma was in her 70's) So the shock that the transformation is slowly beginning was a bit saddening. Gone are my days of wild youth and careless attitudes. Not that I have officially partaken in those as of late, being a mother and all, but the possibility was always there. Now I will actually show my age on my head along with the deepening creases in my forehead and laugh lines around my eyes. Sigh... guess I knew this day was coming. But hoped deep down that it would be a long ways away.


jes said...

I'm sure it was not a real grey hair. I bet it was just a little crap in your hair from the boys :) Even if it is real, you are super young and can always dye it right?

The Grocer said...

The possibilities for wildness and carelessness continue to exist, you just have to accept that the consequences may take slightly longer to recover from.

JCR said...

Oh no! I feel your pain. I got my first one last year on my BIRTHDAY of all days. Did you pull it?? They say not to, but I pulled the first one. Now there are too many to pull, so I just color them.