Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the world of boys

"Aaaah...my nuts!!" Not the food and not the term for anyone slightly crazy, but the boyish term for their beloved boys. This little quote came bellowing out of the back of the car the other day as Grady threw an object at his brother. The projectile object then fell firmly into the lap of Drake. Where do they learn these things? How do I respond? On one hand it WAS very funny just because he is a boy and that is what they say and it was appropriate for the situation. (Like the time he dumped his full bowl of cereal and proclaimed "Oh d@mn it!" at the age of 2) But I also don't want this word exclaimed at school or church .... eeek! What would they think I am teaching him? Unfortunately it was yet another glance into the world of boys. It was also another reminder that my son is growing up and discovering all the "fun" words the English language has to offer. At least it was done in the privacy of my car and not a crowded dressing room..... oooo, now there is an embarrassing story :0

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