Wednesday, April 09, 2008

overcoming the playdate barrier

I just got back from Grady's first 'official' play date. ( Jes - you know you and Jen are the true first, but the kids started playing when they were only a few months old) Grady has been hounding me to play with a little boy, L, in his class for months. When I pick him up from school he and L double team me asking when they get to go to each others house. I sent my number home with L and waited for the phone call. Thankfully L's Mom did not wait to long and the boys were able to get together today at the local Mc Donald's play land. Me, being the shy wallflower that I am , was terrified to have to sit and talk with someone I have only seen occasionally in passing as I was packing up Grady's backpack and forcing him into his coat (not any of my highest moments by far). I am not your typical Martha Stewart mother so I feel a little self conscious at times about my wild side and hope others don't view it as lackadaisical parenting. She just had a baby so I got to coo over a little 7 pound bundle of pinkness so it was easy to break the ice. Then came the questions - yikes! Luckily her son is as demonic as mine. We shared stories of the different non-food item things they have eaten, their tantrum skills and lack of daily enthusiasm to use the toilet. With the boys running around and updating us on their monster attacks in the play dome the time went by rather quickly. She extended an invitation to have us over for another play date in their backyard. I smiled and accepted but was put back on the defensive worrying about that future date. But again I have made something that is not about me about me. The play date was about Grady and expanding his friendships beyond his immediate family. Guess I will worry about the play date after his surgery. I can only handle so much stress in one given week!


Christie said...

I totally understand your fears and hesitation about playdates with "new" parents... hey, is that why you won't commit to a date to come over here??? :)

Jes said...

I know how you feel,and am very proud of you. I promise these "dates" will get easier and soon they will be drop off so no real interaction with parents will be needed :)