Sunday, April 13, 2008

good versus evil

It has been an amazing two weekends in our home. The Spike channel has been having a Star Wars movie-a-thon. Every night they play a different movie, in chronological order no less!! Last weekend it was episodes I-III and this weekend it was IV-VI. While sitting watching Episode I - The Phantom Menace, I got a true glimpse of my boys. It was a scary reality but one that could not be more crystal clear. Grady is on one side of me chanting "Go bad guy!! Get em Darth Maul! When is he coming on again? I want Vader!! Ooooo, he in all black. He scary bad guy Momma. I like him!" Drake is on the other side, "I like little Anakin, he makes me smile. Oooo, the pod race! I love this part, especially when he wins and get to go to Jedi school. Isn't he lucky?" Yes it is true. I am a member of the senate, sitting between the forces of good and evil. There is no hope for my young Jedi knight - he has already turned to the dark side. He also made this extremely evident today when we tried to peel the three day old Darth Vader shirt off his body to go to church. (I do change the shirt underneath but Vader is always on top). I finally convinced him that Vader needed a tubby and he could put him back on again once he was out of the dryer. Poor thing stood there waiting for the buzzer to go off all afternoon! Drake and all that goodness embodies is left to battle the forces of evil. Guess I had better make sure there are fresh batteries in the light sabers!!

*** For all you Star Wars junkies Spike is playing a different episode every Sunday night - aka - Star Wars Sundays


Lisa said...

You really made me smile with this post. Got a light saber wielding Star Wars fan too!

Highly entertaining -- watching those boys get so excited during certain scenes, yes?

(Use the Force, Lassie!)

By the way. LOVE the name of your blog!

Jes said...

You do have your work cut out for you Obi-Wan Kenobi. May the Force be with you!