Monday, April 28, 2008

brutally honest monday - boys and their toys

The scene - the boy's bathroom right before they both jump into the shower. Both boys are pealing off their dirty clothes after a long afternoon of playing outside. Drake is taunting Grady (shocking) by shaking his butt at him. Grady graciously returns the favor. Next thing I know Drake turns around and starts singing "Whoop, there it is! Whoop there it is!" while flashing Grady with his manhood. Yes, this is a brutal and honest look at my life. But my friends, it gets better. I know you find that hard to believe, but trust me on this one. I take my shower dictator role and begin shouting out directions to the boys in the shower, "Be sure to lather the SIDES of you head! Extra soap in the pits and parts!!" I do a little visual monitor check to see how all is going when the sight before me takes me breath away. There is my little three year old... lathering away - oblivious to the evil which is his older brother. It is at this moment that I catch the older, well I just can't think of how to put this nicely, peeing on his brother's back. "DRAKE!!!" "What??! He doesn't know I am doing it. He thinks it is the shower. giggle snort snort" What possesses their brain to do these sort of things? Where has all the estrogen gone in my life??

So there is a little brutally honest glimpse at my male dominated life. I would love to hear yours. You can also check out the originator of it all at the link below. I think we are distant relatives because her dinner table is just like mine growing up. Remember the time with the broccoli....?
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Jes said...

That is so funny! At least when Bridget goes pee in the shower, she tells Abby to move out of the way :) But then again she can't really aim can she?

cautious1 said...

While I'm sure Grady wouldn't think it was too funny if he knew what was is sort of funny (and a bit appalling) in a sick sort of way! The situation presents quite the visual!

You, a dictator??? I could NEVER imagine that! :)

Christie said...

Too funny! Similar to the time I found myself yelling out the back door "Don't EVER point your penis at your brother AGAIN!"