Saturday, April 05, 2008

signs of spring

I was so excited to see this brave little crocus attempt to bloom. While we have not experienced a heat wave, obviously this little guy was bound and determined to make it spring in Wisconsin.

Spring also means sidewalk chalk. Dusty hands and pants is a sure sign that the snow is gone and the sun is shining.

Nothing says all that is warm and fuzzy like a Mike's Hard Lemonade. It is a tasty treat I like to enjoy while playing with, or shall I say chasing, the boys. A precursor, shall we say, to what the evening may have in store.

I was luckily enough to experience all three today - making it a wonderful first day of spring in the Midwest.


Christie said...

Amazing how WONDERFUL I feel after a day or two spent outside - even if the majority of the time I was spilling my drink as I chased the boys! SO glad warm weather is FINALLY here!

Jes said...

looks like you did have a perfect day! I so enjoied the nice weather too.

cautious1 said...

Did you ever find the bike helmet???? That's the burning question...Perhaps that's what drove you to the Mike's hard lemonade! :) (JK)
Hope your soccer game this week went better than last weeks debacle!

JCR said...

I really love the chalk picture. Glad to hear you guys have had some nicer weather. Finally!

vikki said...

Sounds perfect!