Friday, April 25, 2008

flashback - a dingo ate my baby and then i ate the dingo

I was going to do a flashback to three years ago today and then realized that it was also Friday Flashback prompt day. So, instead of not doing one or the other - I decided to do both. I know you are oh so glad and on the edge of your seat with bated breath. Come with me as I flashback to three years ago today. You see, I was 8 months pregnant and the size of full grown hippo. Scoff as you may, the images that you are about to see are, or should I say were, larger then they appear.
Being the over achiever that I am I tend to go big. Ask me about my first son... I dare you! You will run away screaming and crying at the thought of pushing him out.... I know you will! Thus the long expansion of time between my two boys. There was a lot of convincing involved to get this girl to, open up shall we say, to the idea of birthing again. Young children would run and quiver behind their mothers when they saw pregnant me coming towards them. Now, the picture you are viewing is of me at 35 weeks with an 80 pound belly. Honest. I put on 80 pounds and it was all in my belly. Ok, there was a good distribution to my arse as well, but it was not highlighted until after my son was born and the atrocity in the front shrunk. So for now I will claim that it was all belly weight. The picture was taken the night they began to induce me. My liver obviously did not like being squished out of the way by little, (fat chubby monkey) Grady and was revolting. It disliked him so much that it was deciding to shut down. Oh yes, great fun. So off to the hospital we went to save me and the monster child. And thankfully so because even at just over five weeks early he was 8 lb 10 oz. Did you know babies gain at least a pound a week that last month of pregnancy? Do the math... it would have been UGLY. Ugly like my first child. Come on, that dare is still out there...

So tomorrow is the big third birthday. A little fun to take my mind off the impending doom of next week. We have been practicing showing three fingers instead of two when someone asks how old he is. Maybe by tomorrow he will have it down but knowing him he just won't care!

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