Thursday, April 03, 2008

new love and pregnacy??

First off I have to say I have a new love in my life. This new love actually lifted my spirits this morning. Let me preface with a little background. I have been sitting on the fence for quite some time about purchasing an expensive flat iron. How do I explain dropping $150 for a flat iron to my husband? And, will it actually work better then my cheapo one from Target? Ponder, ponder, ponder. So when my co-worker offered up hers - I jumped right on it. Let me tell you it is divine. It worked its magic in no time flat, left my hair super soft and silky and sold me with its first hello. Thankfully my husband could tell the difference even though I pointed out all the wonderful things it did for my hair, etc. I think he is sold. Nothing like a new purchase to lift a girl’s spirits!

I am also quite intrigue (and excited) to watch Oprah today. Typically the afternoons are pure mayhem in my house and there is no casual television watching of any kind. But my tivo will be is full force today. I read that she was having a pregnant man on her show and quickly set the timer. Yes that is right, a pregnant man. His wife had a hysterectomy and cannot have children. Thomas Beatie, a transgender male became pregnant so they could have a family. Definitely something I will watch after the boys go to bed though. Million-question boy would be in full form if he watched any of that show!!


JCR said...

Those CHI flat irons are the best. My sister has one and let me try it when she was here. It was so fun. I was all ready to go get one until she told me how much it was. Gulp.

Jes said...

Wow! to think one would pay $150 to have hair straight like mine :)

As for the pregnant man... what a crock! he still has girl parts so he is NOT a man.