Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the night before the knife

Here is a brief visual - be prepared - it is a scary, scary scene. To my left is my snoring hubby, useless to the state of mind I am functioning in right now. Though his sleeping state is allowing me to balance my wine on his leg - score one for me! To the right is a quickly disappearing pint of Ben and Jerry's "Imagine Whirled Peace". Mmmm, mmmmm, goodness. On my lap is my beloved laptop, soon to be replaced by a newer and shinier version. shiivvver And to numb my mind I am entertaining it with the newest edition of the Real World. I am curious as to what will sustain my attention throughout the evening as I am sure there will be no sleep for this lassie. Grady spiked another fever tonight before going to bed but did so without eating dinner. Now I definitely have to wake him up to eat in an hour or so. Don't even want to start thinking about the monster child he will be tomorrow if I don't. Yaaawnn. Maybe I actually will sleep from my food and beverage induced coma. Lucky me,and of course, lucky you! Off to feed a monster!


Jes said...

Look at you and your new hip blog! Hope all went well. My thoughts are with you.

JCR said...

I was checking in for an update and thought I had the wrong blog. I LOVE IT! Hope all went well today. Glad you found some ice cream and wine; that's even better than Valium.