Friday, April 25, 2008

friday flashback - aliens, ghosts and trolls, oh my!

Woo hoo, it is finally Friday!! Which means yet another installment of the Friday Flashback. I will actually be posting two Friday Flashback - cause that is how I roll - reminiscing about my perversely deformed body three years ago. Believe me the pictures will scare you and have not been approved for those under 18. With that said this weeks prompt is "What was the first movie you ever saw? What was your first notable movie memory? And what effect did it have on you?"

The first movie I saw in the theaters was E.T. I love that movie and will still watch it when it is played on television. I still have my original video cassette but alas, nothing to watch it on. Well, technically I could watch it in the playroom on the old and dying VCR but I am terrified it may eat the movie. Yes, I too find it quite strange that I have such a weird affection for an old video when I could easily go out and buy the DVD. I remember being so excited to finally see a 'real' movie in the theaters. I remember having candy and crying when the astronaut like beings wheeled him off because they thought E.T. was dead. I also heart Drew Barrymore in that movie. sigh...

The movie "Cats Eye" by Stephen King (also with Drew Barrymore) is one that haunts me to this day. Truly - I hear things in the walls and think it is that God forsaken troll. The number of nights sleep I lost because of this movie is frightening. It did not help matters that I grew up in a century home with crawl spaces. One of the crawl spaces was in the back of my closet. I HATE that crawl space. I would pile boxes, toys, anything I could find, in front of it and still the door would pop open. I was, and am, convinced that there were things in there. I will still, to this day, have nightmares about that frickin door. Gaaawww... I HATE that door. I am so happy my parents moved and I don't ever have to sleep in that room again! Curse you Stephen King!! Mamalogues mentioned how she was traumatized by Poltergeist - ya! That movie was SCARY and I refuse to ever watch that movie again. The whole rope through the ceiling freaks me out. When we built our house a few years ago - by a little cemetery - I made sure I was there when they dug the hole to make sure NOTHING was unearthed. Crazy how certain things warp you for life.

And on the lighter and fluffier side there is Dirty Dancing. I know, I know...I hear you internet. But there is something about that movie that got this small town girl's heart. I will watch this EVERY time it is on television but only if my husband is not home. Heck, I will even sneak to watch it when he is home. Ask him what movie he dislikes most and THAT is the one he will tell you. I remember buying the sound track and singing the songs with my friends. I remember renting it one night with my BFF and watching it while she was babysitting. Sigh... Yes, I still love that movie. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!

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Frances said...

I love ET.. I forgot about that one.

It's so funny to see clips of these movies now. Seems so different than most of what we see now.

Mine is up if you want to take a look.

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, you picked great ones! And dirty dancing? I know I KNOW. But I'm right with ya.