Monday, April 21, 2008

birthday madness

This past weekend was birthday bash weekend. We celebrated both boys birthdays with one big party! Ok, it wasn't really that big and due to my laziness and lack of planning it just happened that way. One of my traditions is to make 'special' cakes. Silly me started this tradition when it was just Drake and it was easy to do. But now there is Grady...sigh. And he just had to come five weeks early so it threw a wrench in my ultimate plan. If Grady came closer to his due date then there would be a good six weeks between the boys' birthdays, but he has never been one for convenience. So now their birthdays are a week apart and I think they will always be lumped together from this day forward.
That said, I still try and do 'special' cakes. The elaborateness (yes that is a word) is not what it used to be but the thought and love is still there. Really, it is. So much so this year that I bought plastic cake toppers. Sad and pathetic I know... I am really working on my Bad Mommy Stars. I think I may run for president of the group. Thankfully my boys are easily amused and loved their cakes. Drake liked his because he could use is Tec Deck guys on the ramp. He said it was like getting a free toy - hello?! Isn't that what birthdays are about?? Score one for me.
Grady caught sight of his cake and started flapping and squealing. It was quite scary to watch. You see, he is obsessed with trains. Some of you know my feelings about trains and that I prohibited them from my house when Drake was growing up. I have not been so lucky with Grady. So when he caught sight of his little Thomas the Train cake, it started a flapping frenzy. I am happy to say that each boy was happy with my cop-out cakes. Maybe next year I will be more motivated to create cake masterpieces, but knowing my score card, probably not.

* Blogger is being a pain in my ass and not letting me upload pictures - damn!! As soon as it is done having a hissy fit I will add the pictures that go with the post. They are quite fab I must say!

** Finally got the pictures added but my Blogger was still not very friendly about the matter. Grrrrr


JCR said...

Happy birthday to your boys! I like the cakes. Makes me feel soooo much better, too, as I also bought a toy cake topper to use instead of trying to construct a cake in the shape of SpongeBob.

Jes said...

The cakes looked great! I did figure out the Skateboarding theme later.

vikki said...

I think the cakes look great!

Christie said...

Look at how happy they are! What's with the no trains?