Thursday, April 24, 2008

gotta brag - part duex

While perusing the mail when I got home I noticed a letter from one of our Wisconsin State Senators addressed to Drake. I began my internal ranting about the lack of intelligence held by our government campaign offices and their ability to distinguish adults from children. Who sends campaign materials to a child and more importantly, how did they get his name? For some strange reason I was intrigued and opened the letter instead of tearing it in half and recycling it with the rest of the junk mail. What I found shocked me. It was a hand written letter from our State Senator, Mary Lazich, regarding Drake's science experiment that made the paper. ( She even cut out the article and included it in the letter. Talk about eating my words, or shall I say vicious thoughts?! I became very sad about my first reactions and that I opened Drake's special letter. Hubby was also taken aback and vowed to vote for her every time she ran. Who send things like that in this day and age and with a personally cut out article? I gave the letter to Drake and apologized for opening his mail. He was very excited that someone 'of power' would write to him. He was beaming from ear to ear when we explained who she was and what she does for our state. To Senator Lazich – thank you very much. You made the day of an eight year old and taught this mother that there are still people out there that take the time to recognize the actions and events of our youth.


cautious1 said...

That's a great story! I guess they're not all "CROOKS" as my grandmother would say.

How cool for Drake!!!

Christie said...

Wow! Great story -- taught me a lesson as well. How neat for Drake!

Jes said...

Something for the scrapbook I'd say. That is neat!