Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend wrap up

Well, nothing like a weekend to remind you of the true meaning of fall in Wisconsin - football, rain, more football and of course... more rain. Drake had his second game of the season on Saturday in a torrential down pour. Like any good mother, I stood, trying to wrangle Grady away from the looming puddles, while watching 20 boys running and tackling each other through sleeting rain. The boys had fun and looked like little mud monsters when they were done. Nothing beats getting tackled in a HUGE mud puddle, and no I am not talking about Grady! I had the good fortune of having my soccer game cancelled on Sunday thus preventing me from a puddle jumping extravaganza. Believe me, there is nothing worse then the smell of soaking wet soccer cleats!!

This weekend also marked a painful loss for the Buckeyes. They obviously did not get the memo about the game on Saturday night. I can't even believe I stayed up to watch most of it. Thinking of the game still pains me. HELLO!! It was suppose to be their time to shine... sigh. No such luck.

Speaking of getting demolished - my childhood house got smooshed this weekend by one of the huge trees in our yard. It makes me so sad to see my old house that way and to think that huge tree is gone. Thankfully no one was hurt but I can't imagine the cost that is going to be involved in trying to fix a century home.

On a happy note, Drake finally got his new glasses. the first pair of glasses made him look like a bug. No seriously, they did. Hubby tried to surprise me by taking Drake to pick them up a few weeks ago. When I walked in the door from work I could not hide my horror. This is what I saw: Scary isn't it?? I feel bad because I think I actually shrieked at the sight of him then had to back peddle because I hurt his feelings. Slap another Bad Mommy Star on the mantle boys and girls! I returned those glasses and out we went to search for new ones. I have not had a chance to snap a picture of his new specs but they are quite dashing. Maybe once he finally pulls out his front tooth that has been loose for months... But that is another story for another day!


Putz said...

who cares about the buckeyes....byu dominated ucla....and it looks like they are 15 in the polls

Don Mills Diva said...

I screamed when I saw that picture so I totally feel ya sister...

willow said...

Yes, sad loss for our Buckeyes. And sad loss for you to lose that wonderful old tree!

Here from the black box.