Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sunday, monday, happy days

Come on, sing along!! You know you still know all the words. Did you know that one of the cast memebers was immortalized in my home town? Oh yes, they bronzed the Fonz. Check out all the fabulous details HERE!


Blarney said...

Howdie Neighbor! Visiting from Ann Again and also found we have WI & the Fonz in common. Gosh I used to watch that show whenever it was on. I didn't realize he was a author as well; good kids books. Anywho ~ glad to know another Wisconsinite out in the blogispehere!

Spice said...

I used to watch that show whenever it was on! I didn't know he was an author either - you learn something new everyday. :)

Putz said...

i'm 66 and yet i warmly can get into the fonz from the putz...hey the putz likes the fonz,, the fonz doesn't know the putz...check out my blog for a bio on my little girl{40 years old} oh my god