Sunday, September 21, 2008

dirty little secret

Oh do I have a secret and unfortunately I cannot share at the moment. To clear any weird or perverse thoughts some of you may have - I am not pregnant. Curse you if that thought popped in your seedy little brains!! The official announcement is tomorrow - be on the lookout. I guess I can give a few hints. No one put "official" rules out there as to what can and cannot be shared, so in my rebelious nature I will drop some ideas. I will be partaking in a road trip, getting all prettied up and indulging in a beverage or two.... oh what the heck three or four!! Once I get t the official OK, I will post. maybe you would like to join me on this adventure. Ooops! Did I let that slip?


Bill Stankus said...

Thanks for Black Boxing by - Hey - I've been to Muskego and Hales Corners and and Waukesha and Waterford and Baraboo and Green Bay and La Crosse and and lots of Wisconsin places! But never Ireland.

mama bear bugga said...

awww man! i don't like waiting!

Ann said...

About that widget "This Mama's For Obama", I found it at Kaza's Place and I believe she got it from Scary Mommy.
Good huh?!!!

Ann said...

That's so strange... I left a comment for you about this last night and it didn't work. (I have a mean little computer sometimes.)
I'm excited about your secret! Can I go too! ;->