Thursday, September 18, 2008

another ridiculously awesome person

Blogging was made for bitching.

Whether it’s about slow drivers, unruly children, or spouses who can’t seem to pick up their own underwear, the blogosphere is constantly atwitter with our gripes. And while we would in no way suggest you stop bitching, once in a while it’s nice to stop and remember some of those people who makes us forget about the dirty underwear.

It is because of those people that Karen, Hilly and Miss Britt decided to launch The RAP Sheet.

Out here in Blogaritaville, there are some Ridiculously Awesome People. People who touch us, who make us laugh, who make us want to reward them with a cutesy graphic. Those are the people we add to The RAP Sheet.

Oh the high hopes they had! Karen, Hilly and Miss Britt were going to spread love and awesomeness througout the Internet! And everyone would start buzzing about goodness and kindness and awesomeness. And they made it two whole months! Loving on two whole people - before they got totally lazy and distracted! YAY for Love and Awesomeness!

Luckily, they had the beautiful Sam of Temporarily Me to nag and remind them what’s important. And so, at Sam’s insistence, The RAP Sheet is back!! And who better to start of the new trend of awesomeness then Ann at Ann Again... And Again?

Ann has the knack of making me smile, throwing amazing virtual parties and introducing me to some great new music and bands. I can also say that if she didn't live waaayyyy over there in Oregon, we would easily be 'real life' friends. Notice how I made the assumption that she would be my friend for her! Yeah, she is so cool like that. So for her awe inspiring coolness, her inner Mommy tiger and her forever kind and gentle spirit I now pronounce Ann a Ridiculously Awesome Person!

      ***********                ************                ***********                

I know this can be a silly little button, yet another ‘thing’ to decorate your blog with ~ and goodness knows it’s hard to keep up…

But it’s more than that. The RAP Sheet, one day, will be filled with people who touch your heart in ways you never thought possible across the many miles of the internet, through their words, actions and the soul of their character. This is about bringing some love back to the blogosphere, about lifting each other up instead of knocking each other down, about throwing out paranoia about what this person or that person thinks. About accepting the fact that we are all different and unique ~ but that we all have one thing in common: the ability to reach out and touch someone.

Who are YOU going to reach out and touch?


Ann said...

I'm crying right now. Happy tears!!!
I'll be right back...

Ann said...

OK, I'm back.
I truly cried Kat.
What a fantastic gift, THANK YOU!
I hold you/your blog in such high esteem and this has just ROCKED my blog world!!!
We haven't met in person but I KNOW that you and I would be friends.
We ARE friends. When you make it to Portland we'll head over to the Horse Brass Pub, alright?
Nothing can top what you have shared with me today. Honestly.
(I'm even going to print this out so my husband knows. I'm such a dork!)

Karen Sugarpants said...

Awwww what a lovely tribute to Ann!

Real Tech Mom said...

Neat post, i have just happened upon her blog via the black box, and yes it's a small world!!! Have you checked out the new Gavin Rossdale vid on her site, he's so yummy.. and yes i'm going to use the yummy word in this instance :)

Colleen said...

That is an awesome idea. (Now how do *I* get on the RAP sheet? Ha ha ha...)

cautious1 said...

Awwwwww, aren't you nice???? I love the last part of your post - ain't that da truth????? We get so caught up in the negative that we often times miss the positives that are right under our nose (or should I say right at our fingertips in the Blogosphere)!
Peace -

Ann said...

Me again. (Oh, my blog name is true to form!!!)
I've created my version of a blog award.
Come by and see!

Putz said...

nope, i think i will stay with my RANTS, not raps, and complain, complain, complain, it is so much more fun than to praise or uplift or inspire{although i had to do one last upliftin blog before i start on my down hill treck toward faultfinding, laughable fobiles etc etc etc

MommyTime said...

This is great -- what a superb idea and a really nice tribute. You are a good friend.

Tiffany said...

Came over from Ann's...what a wonderful award for a fantastic blogger.

Great job!

Ann said...

Hey Kat
It's Virtual GNO night!
Come over!

Robin said...

Blogaritaville! LOVE IT! Wanted to stop by and say hi. Visiting from Ann Again... who is truly fabulous. Good choice for the award. Really enjoying your blog.
:) Robin
cinnamon and honey