Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back to mom - a new definition of a quite foreign phrase

With the kids back in school you would think this would be the most opportune time to take back some time for me, the mom. I am sad to say that this is so not the case. Back to school also means back to work and even worse, back to schedules. Where is the time for me??? With crazy schedules it always seems as though I am last on the list. Because of that, last winter I packed on 15 pounds. Yikes!! Because all my pants were too tight I was left sporting the oh so not fashionable muffin top. Be afraid, be very afraid. But wait... do you hear that?

Da da dum.... it is hubby to the rescue!! Now I will take this opportunity to mention that I did try to get hubby to pose for a quick picture in tights and a cape but my begging and pleading fell on def ears. Well not actually, but I am trying to keep this PG so I can't get into all the gorey details! So for now, this generic picture of Superman will have to do! When hubby got a new job and started working from home he decided it would be worthwhile to finally join a gym.

Me: Do you promise to watch the kids so I can go too??
Hubby: Yes. I will go on my lunch hour and you can go after work.
Me: So, you won't give me a hard time when I want to go?
Hubby: Nope.
Me: Excellent!! Sign us up!

So hubby signed us up. It went really well for a while. Then of course summer hit, the kids were home and there just didn't always seem to be enough time to do all the stuff I wanted too. I joined the Tweightloss Challenge in hopes to have others, on the same journey, hold me accountable. It has been an amazing experience. I am happy to say that I am eight pounds down with aspirations to loose another six. I have a feeling these last few will be the death of me. Cold weather is creeping in and that means snuggley nights on the couch. The couch also equals snacking. I really love to partake in a snack on the couch while I unwind after a long day. Hubby also snacks on the couch so the temptation is always there... munching next to me. I should also mention that I am going to Cancun in a month and would like must be swim suit ready. So this week I am back on the horse, eating healthy and hitting the gym. With a few set backs here and there I am really trying making an extra effort to take time for me because if Momma isn't happy (and healthy) then nobody is happy!!

How do you take time for yourself? I am always looking for new ideas!


Blarney said...

If you can find it for me I will gladly take it. Honest ... I will.

Casey said...

I'm in the same boat as you, after dealing with screaming kids all day I don't have the energy to exercise. Plus, we're in FL so it's way to hot out to bring the kids with me if I do. I usually collapse into my computer chair or on the couch with my laptop the second they fall asleep and spend the night being lazy with my husband. I'm thinking I need to make the time to exercise but I just don't want to.

Putz said...

be a grqandpa who lives away from his grandkids with a wife who still works{one year away from retirement} don't drive anywhere , have everyting come to the door, they don't charge, pay bills by internet, that leaves time at 5 am and at noon and at 6pm at night ,,if you don't have to have dinner}...of couse you would have to not spend any time on the kids, which would probably land you in jai

Jes said...

You can do it!

Colleen said...

Oy, I've been sucking in this category lately! We just joined the Y, though, and will be back to my regular yoga classes once a week. I hope, like you, to be able to get to the Y for a bit more of a workout more than that once a week, though!

Jori-O said...

Came over from Ann's GNO...nice to meet you! =)
Aahhhh, the burning question every mom wants the answer to. Good luck with your workout schedule. How lucky are you with such a fabulous vacation on the horizon??