Tuesday, September 09, 2008

can i get an 'oh yeah!!'

Oh yes! The day is finally here - the first day of pre-school for Grady. Now, in all honesty, he did start back last week when I started school but 'pre-school' had not started. Yesterday was his official first day of pre-school.
We went out this past weekend to get his supplies which included a new blue folder. He was so excited about that silly folder. We spent Sunday morning decorating it with race car stickers and flames of fire. He was also determined to pick his 'outfit'. Thankfully he chose the same outfit he and Drake wore for their pictures last month but he was sure to add some accessories shall we say? Notice the black head band and mandatory side kick, Doggie.
When we got to school I was a bit taken a back by the door to his classroom. I knew ahead of time who his classroom teacher was but some last minute rearranging changed the classroom assistant. Remember Mrs S??? If you click on the picture and read the sign you will see what I am talking about. Done? Yeah, that's right. She is his new classroom assistant. I am sure she loved the skull and cross bone shorts he wore the first day of school!!! Grady seemed unphased. When I picked him up and asked him how his first day was I got this:
I wonder what she is going to think of my boy always wearing hair accessories???


Brenda Jean said...

Oh my. That's bizarre! I pesonally love his outfit, head gear and all. Maybe she will save her rantings for the adults, and leave the kids in peace. Perhaps you could wear something special for her-- I saw some awesome DropKick Murphys t-shirts the other day. One said "Bastards on Parade". BAHAHAHAHAHA

motherbumper said...

I am grooving on that headband like no one's business ('cept yours) - he is one cool kid. And keep the Stone on her toes, I live to agitate folks like that.

Putz said...

i've heard the rumor, is it true?????

The Grocer said...

So does he have a Jon Bon Jovi complex, hence the headgear or is he planning to become a tennis player?

IRISHKAT said...

Grocer - What's wrong? You aren't a Bjorn Borg fan? He REALLY looked liked him before I succumbed to a haircut :)

Motherbumper - I too LUV the headband. Wish i could pull it off that well.

Putz - The rumor is SO true.

Brenda - I am just gonna keep being me. that's all you can do right? Though I was contemplating some leopard print and heels for parent conferences.... mooo ah ha ha

The Mom said...

The headband is cool, LOL! He looks SO happy!

Ann said...

He is so beyond adorable!!!
He makes me smile.
(I would be such a push-over around him.)
And hey, I have some wristbands if he wants to add to his accessory wardobe.

Spice said...

I love his smile, just looking at the pictures makes me smile! He looks so happy! http://spiceworld.us

cautious1 said...

I LOVE GRADY!!!!!! How can you not???? Ya gotta love the big smile!

keiki3 said...

Oh yeah! Look how happy he is! Maybe I should send #2 there with his hair accessories, temporary tattoos, stuffed snake and animal shirt! Glad he's enjoying himself!

Jay said...

Oh .. he's sweet!

Sounds like it might be a little work for you and Grady to fit in at that school! LOL!

As to the hair accessories - my younger son was into pretty beads and suchlike when he was that young, but he turned into a real bruiser. Now, he's twenty-three and a very nice young man. Everyone says so. ;)

I showed his girlfriend a picture of him aged four wearing nothing but a multicoloured girly necklace, and she said 'Awwwwww....!