Monday, September 08, 2008

have you heard the rumor?

So have you heard the latest? No, not about me getting a little too crazy over at Ann's GNO the other night. She was suppose to keep that a secret! Mixing her 'special' punch with my Nyquil made for a very sleepy lassie. Yaaawwwn!

No, the rumor I was referring to was the one about a certain lassie writing at a certain well known site. Yep. It is SO true. I tried to drop a hint a few weeks ago when I added my diva button in my sidebar. What?!? You didn't notice my sly attempt to lure you there? Well, now you have no choice!

This lassie is now going to keep you apprised of all the latest buzz around. Think Hollywood, book reviews, television shows, giveaways! It is all over at the newly revamped Blissfully Domestic. She looks quite ravishing after her face lift doesn't she? But ssshhh!!! You didn't hear that tidbit of buzz from me!


The Mom said...

Wow that is fantastic news, you are amongst some very talented writers there!! Congrats!! ;)

Katelin said...

oh awesome, congrats!

keiki3 said...

I noticed the "hints" -- even noticed you moved 'em the other day... but it says something about needing an invite to view your page and it seems I wasn't invited... :(

Anyway -- how wonderful for you!

Putz said...

me either

Ann said...

***Psst! I have pictures too! ;-> ***

So... Blissfully Domestic! Yahoo for you!!! What a thrill!
I can't wait to read everything you offer.
(Don't forget us when you're famous, ok?)

Diane said...

whoo hoo! you go girl!