Friday, September 05, 2008

virtual GNO - day late and a drink short

Ann over HERE is having another virtual girls night out. Good thing it is virtual because I have a wicked head cold and am all snotty and gross. No one in their right mind would want me at a party in this state. So I can sit in my jammies with my box of tissues and trusty Nyquil and party like there is no tomorrow. Or shall I say party till the Nyquil kicks in and I am snoring logs on the couch. Either way it should be a good time, no?

Here is Ann's first party game of the weekend, "The Mighty Four":

Four places I go over and over:
1. Target
2. Pac Sun
3. La Perla
4. The beach

Four places I would rather be:
1. Ireland
2. Hawaii
3. Jamaica
4. North Carolina (though now they are buried in water)

Four things I have for breakfast:
1. Coffee
2. Coffee
3. Maybe coffee with some caramel in it
4. Luna Bar

Your turn! I TAG YOU ALL!


MommyTime said...

I'm home with a head cold too. The worst of it is, I have homemade cookies, and I've eaten FOUR of them already, in a desperate attempt to taste them, but they just taste like so much sawdust in my mouth due to the stuffiness. Sad. And a giant waste of calories. I hope you're feeling better.

Ann said...

I don't care WHAT condition you're in, you are ALWAYS welcome to the party! (The question is, are you ready for one?)
Regarding your Nyquil, I'm starting to think the "Jewel Punch" recipe is missing something. Hmmmm?! :->

Have you heard the Guillemonts before?
I'm just catching on.
I love this band!

Cheers to you and to you feeling better very, very soon!
(You're getting sleepy----sleepy----very sleepy)

Mary said...

Yum! I like caramel in my coffee, too.

Caroline said...

Hi there! My mighty 4 are up! Never tried caramel in coffee...but that sounds wicked good :)