Sunday, June 22, 2008

sunday randomness

This is what I found under my television entertainment center (I sooo hate that word) this morning when fetching a car for Grady. I was shocked, well not really but somewhat, at the randomness of crap that has taken up home under our TV. There is the array of cat toys, a lone pig ear from a Tickle me Elmo, a six armed warrior, a rock, a strawberry and protective goggles from a Rescue Hero. Grady was quite pleased with the find, especially the silky soft play mouse - ick.

This is what I imagine was really happening under the television late at night while we were all asleep. hey, it could happen. What...?? You have never seen a six armed warrior fighting all that is evil atop a pig? Well then my friend, you do not know what you are missing!

On a completely different note, hubby decided to put the kennel up on Craig's List. He is titling it as a multi purpose dog kennel for your pup or dog house for your spouse. I am actually growing quite fond of how he looks in there. Maybe we will keep it after all!


Putz said...

spent a year in dublin, went south to kiss the blarney stone, then around that wonderful coast, thinking about your terrible potato famine

Putz said...

oh, and about the terrible potato famine being a concern for me...i was just teasing you'll find i do like to tease...about nappy...i said ; a vacation for an irishman might be not to miss any pubs, and he said be careful old man or i might have to punch you inside joke

cautious1 said...

Dude - you MUST be on summer break! Quite the face lift for your blog. Can I get the direction sheet so I know how to navigate through it. Lord knows I wouldn't want to end up somewhere where I didn't intend to be! :)

P.S. When does my "Blog 101" class begin??

Ann said...

Your items are so much more colorful than mine.
All I find under the console is large, grey hairballs.

Jes said...

Wow! Lots of new toys! I try not to look under my furniture for this exact reason :)

I might have to go on Craig's List to buy that husband keeper.

Blondefabulous said...

I only have to fetch dog toys out from under ours.

Kaza said...

I particularly like your depiction of the six-armed warrior atop the... um, what is that little white guy anyway? This makes me wonder what's under our t.v. but I'm feeling far too lazy to go find out! ;)

Lisa said...

I'm impressed that you didn't have any dust bunnies under there holding the other toys hostage!

I could use that dog kennel. Hubby's in the dog house so often that he could use something like that... ;-)

ali said...

This reminds me that I need to clean out under the couch cushions. I shudder to think what's in there.

IRISHKAT said...

Putz - It is beautiful there. Though I could do without the VERY narrow roads and crazy potato truck drivers!

Cautious - Lessons start at 7 am sharp at your local Starbucks :)

Jes - It sold in less then 5 minutes - faster then when he put my car up!

Ann - I took the hairballs out for sanitary purposes :)

BF - You are lucky

Kaza - It's a pig. Isn't he scary?

Lisa - I know, mine too. I am kinda of sad it is gone now :(

Ali - I won't even venture to tell you what was under the sofas!!