Friday, June 20, 2008

summa summa summa time

Since it is officially summer and I am enjoying the sunshine - FINALLY!!- I thought I would partake in mama's nest's summer meme. While I could easily just cut and paste her list, which I nodded eagerly along with, I won't. I will put some thought into the next 10 minutes and scribe my own Summertime Top 10.

1. Freckles - Drake's and of course, mine. I adore the girlish quality they give me when they speckle my nose and cheeks.

2. Tan lines - I love how the boys' bums almost glow after a summer of swimming and playing outside.

3. Lazy nights lounging in lawn chairs, sipping beer and watching the boys chase fireflies.

4. Painted Toenails - I love putting funky colors on my piggies in the summer. I give my nails a break in the winter, so as soon as there is any semblance of warmth, I paint them. My fave color this summer is Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI.

5. Laying in the sun - I know, I know. It's bad. It causes cancer, wrinkles and what not, but there is something about the warm feeling that spreads over parts of skin that have not seen sunlight in 9 months that relaxes me to my inner core. AND because I have ADD I can only do it for 10 - 15 minutes at a time before getting bored.

6. Camping. Call me crazy but I like to rough it every now and then. My favorite camp site, around here, is the Indiana Dunes - beach, lake and a super clean camp site.

7. My road bike. I used to clip off 15 - 20 miles a day, pre-children. I finally splurged last year and got a new road bike since mine was old as dirt and as heavy as a truck! It is fire orange and yellow and it ROCKS!!!

8. The beach - sand and surf is all this lassie needs.

9. Beer soaked brats on the grill. I had never eaten these monstrosities till I met my husband. He has me addicted and some days I itch for them. Gross, I know.

10. My ALL time favorite - not working!! Working in the schools has it's bonuses (and it's not the paychecks!)


keiki3 said...

As I nodded in agreement with your list... I had a good laugh out loud as I recalled our attempt at camping some time back (the trip that started in a canoe and ended with gambling on an indian reservation...) -- I can only hope you have gotten a better tent since then!

Wish I would have saved those pictures... :)

Jes said...

It is as if I wrote that list myself. No wonder we are friends:)

JCR said...

Here's to blue toenails! I'll be donning that same shade on July 4th. Today I have a nice, summery orange.

DesignHER Momma said...

painted toe nails are my favorite too!!!

Ann said...

You have reminded me of so many things I need to put on my list.

(I miss fireflies. When I lived in Connecticut we would come upon fields of fireflies. It was so beautiful!
Unfortunately we don't have them in Oregon.)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm going to have to check out the blue nail polish!


Anonymous said...

Great list! Thanks for playing along! I love freckles too... mine never go away, but I especially love the ones that come out with the sun!