Monday, June 02, 2008

more reasons i love my boys

Boys... you gotta love em! Yesterday, on my way to my soccer game, Drake and his friend C were in the backseat. They wanted to come to my game, not to watch me, but to play tennis. While driving along I hear Drake's friend C exclaim, "Oh man! I can't find my balls! Drake have you seen my balls??" I almost drove off the road from laughter - and the fact that I was laughing so hard because my eyes were filled with tears. I then had to block all the questions about why I was laughing so hard. Thankfully the radio was on and I could blame my hysterics on some random commercial.

And then there is Grady. Grady, who was trying to convince me this morning that he was a Power Ranger and Power Rangers do not go to school. I laughed and said that Power Rangers indeed go to school because that is how you become a Super Power Ranger. Thankfully that worked and off to school he went. And to make Monday better, his preschool had Lucky Charms for breakfast - score!!

So there is my life in a nutshell - boys, balls and Power Rangers. Ain't life grand?!


Jes said...

So funny! I love thoses kind of moments in which I am laughing, due to my gutter prone mind, and the girls can't be told why.

keiki3 said...

Gotta love boys! I don't even want to imagine what the future conversations will be...