Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day debacle

It just wouldn't be a Father's Day without a little manly dilemma. Can you guess who caused it?? Yes, it was the ever troublesome three year old. Grady, unbeknownst to us, managed to close the bathroom door and get it jammed. Somehow, when he closed it, the drawer closest to the door, slid open and made it impossible to open the door from the outside. Being as everyone was outside of the door - we had a problem.
Even the hinges were on he inside of the door, so hubby was at a loss. I remembered the skewers we use to make smores and thought they may fit into the small space we had to work with. Sure enough they did and the fine act of little movements, trying to close the drawer from the outside, began. After twenty minutes and two bent skewers we got the door open again. Another reason why Dads are so important! Happy Father's Day hubby!!

I will also add on to the greatness of Father's Day with my great and oh so exciting news. I was added to Alltop's list of Mommy bloggers! Confirmation, as my button says, that I kick ass. Sorry as I gloat, just for a brief moment.... ok, there I am done. If you click the button on the left you will find me - way, way, WAY down on the bottom - just where I like to be!!


Jes said...

Sounds like a perfect day! So proud of you Master Blogger! Perhaps it will be you who soon writes a book and no longer needs to work out of the home.

mistyeiz said...

wow - interesting way to celebrate! lol anyway, just replying to ur comment abt my collage on my PH pix. i used photoshop to copy from the images that i like n paste in unto a blank file. :) i think u can also use MS powerpoint but the functions would be limited. it's really amatuer work though. :)