Tuesday, June 17, 2008

thoughts of a three year old

Hubby took Grady outside after dinner last night to burn off some much needed energy while I finished up in the kitchen. I was enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment when I was quickly beckoned outside with a syrupy "Oh honey!!" I replied with an ever so sweet What the hell do you want now?! "Yeeesss"".
Hubby: Would you like to know what your son just said? Anything you want to tell me??
Me: Uh...no. Not that I can think of. Why?
H: Grady, tell Mommy who you just saw.
Grady: I just saw my other Daddy.
Me: Your who?
G: My other Daddy. He was running.

Hubby proceeded to tell me that as a man in our neighborhood ran by Grady exclaimed, "Daddy look!! There goes my other Daddy!" Thankfully the man had his iPod on and could not hear my son exclaiming his excitement about his questionable parentage.

Not even ten minutes later my cherub spouted this:

Grady: Mommy shut up!
Me: Excuse me?? We don't say those words.
G: I can only say them outside right?
M:No. You can never say that. It's not nice.
G: Oh..... Mommy, I smell garbage. snort snort.

Ah yes. He is such a little angel in disguise. It terrifies me to think of what he was saying when he went to pre-school. Guess it is better not to know!!


Blondefabulous said...

So who is "Other Daddy", and is he hot?!?

The Mom said...

Oh that is too funny! My other daddy!!

Kareer Woman said...

Very funny, too cute, great post!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I hope you'll continue to return :)

Jes said...

i don't think i have met your other husband. That totally explains why the boys don't look all that much alike.

Brittany said...

That is hilarious! Found you from MBC, great blog!

IRISHKAT said...

Jes - thanks ALOT!!

Blondefab - No idea - I never saw him :) It would be nice if he was.

SciFi Dad said...

I just had to comment... I joke all the time with my wife that my daughter tells me about her "other Daddy", and she never thinks it's funny.

That was awesome.