Thursday, June 19, 2008

things-don't-suck-as-much-as-i-thought thursday

I live in the sucky Midwest. And the past few weeks we have been inundated with rain. Rain, rain and then some more rain just for good measure. Throw in a few tornadoes and flash floods and you have yourself one heck of a party. So between hiding in the basement and running out for rations for the great flood, I did partake me in some news coverage. I saw the pictures of all the locals heaving sand bags around their houses, trying to save Fluffy as she floated down the street - it was craziness in the making.
We live between two lakes, Drake's school is on one of them. We also live on a hill. THANK all that is holy, we live on a hill. For years I have complained about living on said hill because we get 30 - 40 mile an hour winds ALL. THE. TIME. If we leave the windows open, things fall off our walls and small children get swept away. Our crappy amazing neighbors always bring them back though.... hmmmm. But I digress... All of the minions that live at the bottom of our hill were completely submerged under water - like to the car windows under water - NOT pretty. Some made light of it by boating and canoeing up and down the streets while drinking large amounts of beer. Yeah, good thing the police couldn't get to us then! We were lucky and suffered no flooding, not even a trickle. My neighborhood has dried up for the most part but neighboring neighborhoods have not been so lucky.

As I went on a bike ride around the lake today I was shocked by the amount of water people still had in their lack of yards. Most still had submerged driveways, front yards and some still had water up their front doors. And I won't even get into the stench, the bugs and the stench. I couldn't even make it around the lake because the bridge was still under water. I know Christine feels their pain.

This picture sickens me. They lost everything in one big swoop of rain water. Maybe G force winds aren't that bad after all.

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Hopefull said...

im so sorry for all your neighbors are going through. thankful with you that you are on a hill.

keiki3 said...

Wow. Glad we're up high as well.

Did you notice the mosquitos have hatched??? Great.

Christine said...

Yes, I definitely feel your pain. We live on the top of a hill too...thankfully. This has already been some summer...and it's not even really summer yet. I hope you guys are staying dry.

Ann said...

All of this has been so overwhelming to see.
I just love your poetic title!

Putz said...

try living in the middle of the utah desert, my boy went on a vacation to knolls utah which is in the middle of a bombing range, honest, my girl{dentist" has a condo at both hilton head and myrtle beach with a bowl of fruit complimentary, and my boy eats pork and beans from a jagged can{doesn't own a can opener" they don't understand each other