Friday, June 27, 2008

dilemmas, dilemmas

Oh internet, I need your help. You all know the issues with Grady and his Darth Vader wear. If not you can read here and oh, don't forget to look here too. And before you say, "Yes Kat, we all know his issues, suck it up already! Geez, we are soo tired of hearing about it already!", hear me out please! I know, I know.... sorry! But here is the low down: We leave for Nevada in three days to visit the/my parental unit. That's right folks, Nevada - where it is hot as Hades in July. Now, Grady loves him some Star Wars that is fo' sho'. With that being said - AGAIN - do I pack the shirt? Here are some of my selfish reasons to not pack the shirt:

1. I don't want to see him wearing that shirt in every vacation picture.
2. It's black with long sleeves.
3. It's hawt in Nevada, plus the whole high altitude issues we may encounter.
4. I don't want to see him wearing that shirt in every vacation picture.

I should also add that it is just not the shirt - the ensemble also includes his Vader mask and cape. I was hoping, when I recently bought the cape at Great America, that he would fall in love with it and be content to just wear the cape out and about. Um..... yeah, no such luck. I don't mind the cape and quite honestly, don't mind the shirt, but I am a bit worried that he will shrivel up and die out West if he wears that Death Star trap. On a good note, I did get him to wear that rockin' "Mom Rules" shirt, even if it was for 30 minutes. Maybe bribery will have to be in full swing when we head out west - but what to bribe him with...? I know I won't leave the house without Vader and if I try it will be ugly friends, UGLY!

So there you have it - my dilemma in a nutshell or should I say nutcase? Weigh in, post your thoughts, feelings and/or otherwise about this insanity called Grady. I'm ready... I hope!

PS: A little shout out to Barefoot Foodie and Cheaper Than Therapy for helping me tackle the three column html. You girls rock!!!


Blondefabulous said...

You may just have to make it "disappear" and say a burgaler stole it. It's not that honest, but it will work. Then he transfers his anger to someone imaginary, and you can shop for a Vader shirt that can replace it thet's....WHITE!!!

Kaza said...

Hmmm... okay, let's brainstorm.

Option #1 You tell him he cannot wear it on the plane because Darth must go in disguise, then "forget" the shirt (and everything else) at home. When he finds out, a tantrum will ensue, but there should be sufficient distraction at the new location and he just may not mind in the end.

Option #2 You just lay down the law: no shirt coming to hot-as-hell Nevada. When he's freaking out, you make a deal: he can wear the cape and bring the mask, but not the shirt.

Option #3 He can bring the shirt, but only to wear at night to bed.

Option #4 You let him learn from experience that the shirt is a BAD idea in the desert. This one could backfire on you though, because they turn up the a/c to meatlocker levels in every indoor space, and he will be perfectly comfortable in his shirt while the rest of you, dressed for the blazing heat outside, will soon suffer from chattering teeth from the freezing-ass-cold of every indoor space.

It's quite a dilemma!

Jes said...

My suggestion is to find a iron on of Vader and make him a new special shirt for the trip. that way it can be white and short sleeved. (check ebay)

Putz said...

it is his vacation toooo, that being said i would definetly not take it, why//? WELL IT IS A BORING SHIRT AND I'M ALREADY TIRED OF LOOKING AT IT..2..if you happened to mole wort and saw a colorful brand new shirt that had space vehicles and green men all over it that would stimulate in auditory system...also i'm from utah and that is close to nevada(ilived in nevada on washington and 25th, las vegas, 21 years)and the shirt i am talking about just pruerly fits the locale

ali said...

Pack it just in case you're thisclose to having a meltdown. But don't let him know you've got it. Have Darth Vader (your hubby) call him and tell him "Grady, DO NOT wear your costume!" Or something like that:)

keiki3 said...

I say things may get pretty bad if you don't pack the shirt... try jes' suggestion -- and pack a water bottle.

As for the pictures, I have faith that you will look back and laugh some day... :)

followthatdog said...

I'd let him do it. My sister and I have some awesome photos from the 80s in which we were allowed to wear our favorite ugly clothing item in every photos. As bad as the photos are, they are a snapshot in time, they represent who we were and make great stories now. Yes, my sister looks like a goon in her cable knit sweater missing all buttons except the top button that was firmly buttoned in every photo, and my fantastic red satin dolphin shorts are simply adorable in a truly humiliating way. But that is who we were when we went to San Diego in 1981, so be it.

IRISHKAT said...

TThank you, thank you for all you advice. I agree with Kaza and follow that dog that I will look back on these days and smile. Plus it is great ammunition for embarrassment later... moo ah ha ha. Bt in all seriousness I think I am going to bring it. And I can almost guarantee that he will wear it on the pane. I can't torture him and take away what is basically his 'lovey'. But there will be serious deals being made while out west. I like the idea of Vader staying as bedtime wear while we are there. THAT I think I can pull off! Thanks again - you guys rock!