Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ramblings of a seven year old

The scene: Drake walks in after I had just finished taking Grady's temperature and discovered that the Tylenol was not helping his fever. I am mumbling under my breath and a bit perturbed at the idea of trying to schedule a sick visit yet again.

Drake: Does Grady have a fever?
Me: Yep.
D: What was it?
M: It is 101 which means his medicine isn't working.
D: What is it supposed to be?
M: 98.6 usually
D: So because it is higher he has a fever?
M: Yep
D: So if it were less then 98 degrees he would have a cold?
M: (chuckling) No he wouldn't have a cold
D: So how do you get a cold then...how do you know?
M: You just don't feel good
D: Oh. I think I have a fever too. Could you take my temperature?

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jes said...

He is a quick one. I love how their minds work. Under normal would logically equal a cold, if above equals a fever. Sounds good to me. hope Grady feels better!