Monday, February 11, 2008

recent revelations

In the extreme craziness and chaos which is called "my life" I have come to realize certain things over the past few days. being the kind and gentle soul that I am I thought I would share. Granted, many of these things I am sure you already know but maybe not. So here goes....

#1. When stuck on a hill in a blizzard, dog food provides great traction. This is how, after over a half an hour of trying to "rock" my car to get it up the driveway, I finally got my go cart in the garage. I also got stuck trying to get up my street which has a slight incline. I guess the city didn't feel the need to let people back to their homes during the worst snowstorm since the early 1920's, but who am I to judge! I am not sure if they make chains for VW golfs but I am seriously looking into it. I could also go the other route and scream bloody murder at the city for not plowing my road but I don't think that will get me very far.

#2. I cannot think of anything worse then a grown man with the flu. I seriously want to inflict bodily harm AND there was no wine in the house. (except for the profuse verbiage streaming from his mouth) Maybe death will feel better then the fever and congestion he is experiencing. (him) "Do you think this is a tumor?" (me) "No, it is a swollen lymph node" (him) "Does that mean I have strep or an ear infection?" (me) "Neither. You have a bad cold." (him) " But my head hurts and my eyes feel like they are going to burst" (me) "Yeah so do mine" After day two of whining and listening to him contemplate the various disease he may have I told him to suck it up. Yeah, he didn't take to kindly to that.

#3. Only in Wisconsin, and maybe Minnesota, will grown adults trek through snow, black ice, and -20 degree weather, to play soccer at 10 pm at night. Even more alarming were the number of people that showed up for the 11 PM games. Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. I mean, we can only be cooped up in our house for so long right?

#4. Yoga and a head cold do not mix. Thankfully my instructor had the lights out so my classmates could not see the stream of snot dripping towards my mat during "downward dog". All in all it did feel good to stretch, but the runny nose really put a damper on the experience.

So there you have it. All of the extreme knowledge I have learned in the past 48 hours. Yes, it is scary that these are the learning points in my life right now. But I am hopeful for further enlightenment sometime down the road, maybe once I get rid of this head cold.

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