Monday, February 25, 2008

double sock phenomenon

Two pairs of socks, two games and four goals (technically five but I won't go there). I am sure this makes no sense to anyone outside the so called 'soccer world', but it has been lurking in my mind for two weeks now. I have played soccer forever, or at least my knees would say it feels about that long. As long as I have played I have only worn one pair of socks. If you play you would say this is an oddity as almost everyone else wears at least two. (This does not including third world countries and those crazy enough to play in their bare feet) Because I have very wide feet AND high arches I have always had a hard time finding soccer shoes. But finally the gods of soccer took pity on me and developed shoes for women - who'd a thunk it?? Anyway, I have had these shoes for three years now and they have stretched out rather nicely. After being razzed and continuously questioned by various teammates for only wearing one pair of socks, I decided to give the "double sock" thing a try. I have to say it felt amazing! There was no sliding or slipping inside my shoes and when I would plant my foot, it actually stayed. After week one I thought it was perhaps a fluke but week two was even better! I know this theory probably won't last much longer and my streak will soon come to an end but the coincidence is quite intriguing. If it holds maybe I will have a career on the women's national team after all. Watch out Missy.... her I come!

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